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  1. Thanks for the reminders about safety and snakes. I want to add something about kayaks and canoes. There is some confusion about the numbers assigned to our boats, and the areas of storage. On the campers weekend, everything went a little crazy: kayaks back in the wrong place, etc. But the campers were very helpful in followiing my instructions to put the boats back in their assigned places. this information is all on the left-hand page of the signout book…. but I realize it is in rather small print. As a first attempt at correcting and making info clearer I plan to re-print the sign in much bigger letters and numbers, and label the storage racks clearly, etc (some signs got rubbed off). This will happen in the next couple of weeks.

    Meanwhile, please try to read and interpret the existing instructions. The boats were given numbers in the order that they were purchased, more or less. The heavier and wider kayaks are stored in the men’s side. It has been suggested that the boat number be painted on each boat. That may be a good idea, but until we have figured out how and where to place the # on the boat, we should delay this… please. (Remember:T-20 is NOT the boat’s number.)

    Finally, there are helpful hints about paddling kayaks, etc posted on various signs in the women’s side of the boathouse. Might be good to read them!

    Also, please replace PFD’s on hangers after use. If sweaty, try to let them dry out first. But don’t just sling them on the floor. If kayaks are wet or dirty inside, there are sponges to clean them out before storage.. And anyone is welcome to pick up a broom and sweep out the boathouse when needed. We do not have a paid custodian to do this. I do small repairs whenever I am down at the dock, bu I am seldom there on a Sunday.

    One of the boat keys has been misssing for the past couple weeks. It is the one with a cylindrical stick about 8″ long. Perhaps it is “hiding” in that spot under the boathouse, where the key is supposed to be hung properly out of sight. I anyone knows its whereabouts, please return it to the hook in the library room of the lodge.

    Thank you!


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