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Passing of Volker Stern — 6 Comments

  1. Volker introduced me to the Tom Brown books, and was so much fun to go on hikes with and learn
    the basics of tracking. He was also an experienced night hiker. A genial person who will be greatly missed at the club.

  2. Volker will be greatly missed. His love of the outdoors was evident, especially when he would show up at night, seemly out of nowhere. Volker was always friendly and willing to offer help. To me, he was a fixture up at camp. I will really miss him.

  3. I mostly remember Volker by moonlight or darkness. As others mentioned, he appeared out of nowhere, enjoying the solitude of the night. He also had a wry sense of humor about him. He will be missed by those of us who remember him.

  4. Voelker’s neighbor (?) has requested we honor his wishes and spread his ashes at Thendara. We have done this before for other members.
    Are there people interested in doing this sometime this spring or summer.
    Van and I have been trying to identify a core group to notify.
    Any ideas?

    Send them to me ([email protected]) or Van

  5. Van C and Paul W are aware that Voelker’s wishes included his ashes being scattered at Thendara which we have done several times before in my memory.
    How do we get this done?
    It would be nice to do it in spring or summer.
    Who are the key people who Voelker interacted with and who should be notified not only of his death but any activity we plan?

  6. i was a member of TmC from 1995 to 2005 while living in new jersey ,
    i moved back to Canada and cherished my friend Volker, we used to hike and tried to find
    new native heritage shelters. at one time,
    volker and i discovered new shelter,
    just to find windows 7 operating manual inside the shelter

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