This is general information on the membership requirements.  If you have specific questions please contact the membership committee through the form below.

  • Member:   A General Member* (individual or family) receives access to all sponsored club functions, vote at general meetings (members age 18 or over) and restricted access to camp facilities. General members do not have a key to the lower gate, boat dock , swim dock or lodge.  In order to access the gate and swim dock, a Gate Key Member must be present at camp and must have left the gate and swim safety equipment locker unlocked. The bunkhouse and outhouse is open to all. However, the cabinets containing the mattresses will be locked.
  • Gate Key Member:     A General Member who has been a member for a minimum of three months, attended a hosted Camp Weekend and completed the three safety workshops*: “Camp Safety”, “Hiking Safety” and “Trail Maintenance”.   Gate Key members have access to the lower gate, refrigerator and swim dock safety equipment storage, but not the Boat House or Lodge.
  • House Key Member:   A Gate Key Member who has been a member for minimum 1 year, attended the “Lodge Key Workshop”*, and co-hosted two weekends with an experienced host: one weekend in winter season and one weekend in swim season.  The Lodge Key Member has full access of the Gate Key Member plus access to the Lodge and Boat House.


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