Thendara Mountain Club is open to adults, eighteen years of age or older, who are interested in the safeguarding of the outdoors and who are willing to cooperate with others in the promotion and enjoyment of communal camp living and diverse outdoor activities.

Our club operates Camp Thendara (Camp T-20) under the jurisdiction of the Palisades Interstate Park Commission. The camp gate is situated on Seven Lakes Drive, 1.8 miles north of the Kanawaukee Circle and 2.0 miles south of Tiorati Circle.

In our bulletin you will find a schedule of hosted weekends at Camp Thendara.  These include overnight lodging (generally Saturday night) and three meals (dinner, breakfast, pack lunch).  The volunteer host plans and supplies all the food and assigns the work of preparing or cleaning up after meals–at least one chore per person.  The costs of the food will be shared, and the appropriate day or overnight house fee will be assessed.  As volunteers conduct all our activities, all members are expected to share in necessary tasks and, when qualified, in the leadership of hikes, trips, and camp weekends.  Leaders/hosts are responsible for the safety and comfort of the group.  Therefore, cooperation and acceptance of, and appreciation for, the leaders/hosts’ suggested arrangements and reasonable instructions are expected of all who participate in TMC activities.

The club assumes no responsibility for injuries or damages sustained by anyone using the club’s facilities or engaging in any of its activities.  Waiver forms are stored by the registry and are to be signed on the first visit.

Individual and family membership is open to those 18 and over. A family consists of two members who reside at the same address and receive one bulletin.   Any dependents, of individual or family membership holders, 22 years old or younger (as of January 1), who reside at the same address can be considered dependents and partake under that membership.   A dependent will have access to the club while in the company of at least one club member who accepts responsibility for the dependent.   A dependent is not considered a member and does not have voting or other membership rights.   This does not prohibit an 18-year-old from becoming a member and enjoying full membership rights.

To contact the New Member Committee, email: