Camp Thendara Winter Procedures

Our lease with the State of NY allows us unrestricted access to the camp between May 1 and October 15. All other days require a special permit to access the camp. The only time the permit is not required is during a hosted weekend, Saturday to Sunday. Friday night arrival at camp does require a permit. The permit must be requested in advance by using the link below or on the website homepage.

Camp Access Permit Link

Winter water procedures are now in effect. The water system must be drained at the end of your stay or we risk damage to the pipes and fixtures. Remember to open ALL fixture valves, including the showers when draining the system. A short slideshow video explains the procedure to start up and shut down the water systems.

Water Procedures Video Link

Please note swimming is closed and boating is closed until Spring.

At this time we are still using the wood pellet heater to warm the cabin. Pellets are available in the dugout. We are looking into replacing the heater with a propane system. The Park will no longer allow wood fired heat in the building.

Pellet Heater Operation Manual Link

Paul Weisenbacher Camp Committee