Camp Thendara Winter Procedures

Our lease with the State of NY allows us unrestricted access to the camp between May 1 and October 15.   All other days require a special permit to access the camp. The only time the permit is not required is during a hosted weekend, Saturday to Sunday. Friday night arrival at camp does require a permit. The permit must be requested in advance by using the link or on the website homepage.   Camp Access Permit Link

Water Systems

Winter water procedures are now in effect. The water system must be drained at the end of your stay or we risk damage to the pipes and fixtures. Remember to open ALL fixture valves, including the showers when draining the system. A short slideshow video explains the procedure to start up and shut down the water systems.   Water Procedures Video Link

Heating System

A propane heating system is installed at the lodge.  The furnace is just like your home system, a thermostat controls the operation of the furnace. There is no need to do anything on the furnace to start it up.   It will automatically start when the water pump is turned on.  The furnace provides heat to the main room, both washrooms, the basement plumbing area and the kitchen. Remember, keep the temperature low (under 68) and turn the thermostat down at night or when leaving the building temporarily unoccupied such as a hike. Please conserve propane.

The link contains some important propane safety information.    Propane Heater Procedures Link

Driveway Weather Concerns

Reminder, If there is a threat of snow or icing park your vehicles at the gate parking lot.   The driveway may become impassible during the night.  Buckets of traction sand are available at the top of the three hills on our driveway.  

Power Failure

To Report an Electrical Outage

Call Group Camp Office M-F 08:00 16:00  (845-429-2967) 

Call Park Police all other times  (845-786-2781)

Do Not Call Rockland/Orange Power!   Per the Park contract Only the Park Offices or Park Police may contact the electric company 

In the event of extended power loss certain precautionary measures should be taken
• Unnecessary electrical equipment and appliances should be turned off in the event that power
restoration would surge causing damage to  equipment.
• During freezing temperatures turn off and drain the water lines in the event of a long term
power loss.

Upon Restoration of heat and power:
• Equipment should be brought up to ambient temperatures before energizing to
prevent condensate from forming on circuitry.
•Water piping should be checked for leaks from freeze damage after the heat
has been restored to the facility and water turned back on.

In the event of an extended power outage the host should consider cancelling the event.   The welfare and safety of everyone at camp should always be foremost in your decision to remain at the cabin during a power failure.     Link to Cold Weather Safety Information

The park office and park police have the authority to order all persons leave the property during the winter season.  Occupants must comply with their order.


Paul Weisenbacher Camp Committee