Camp Fee Information
                                  Member*       Guest*
Overnight              ** $10.00           $20.00
Day Visits                  $5.00             $10.00
Camping Fee       *** $8.00             $16.00

First time visitors pay $12 for an overnight.
Exceptions to fees are granted for:
• showing Camp to prospective members without using facilities.
• housecleaning and work details pre-approved by the Camp Chairperson.

*Members’ and guests’ children under age 12 pay 1/2 adult member rate.
*Members’ and guests’ children 12-17 pay adult member rate.
**In Lodge or Bunkhouse.
***Per person, per night, for all nights.

October 15 thru April 15

1) Hosted weekends (Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights) listed in the Thendara Bulletin are permitted by the general permit we have received and is posted in the lodge. The weekend host will be contacted by the Group Camp Office in the event the Park determines there is a reason for members to not be at T20 overnight.

2) All other nights, including unhosted weekends – members must obtain a permit from the park. Members desiring to stay overnight will contact Manny Sanudo who will contact the Group Camp Office and will obtain a permit for the nights  requested. The permit will be emailed to the member. A printed copy of the permit must be with the member at camp. Members must contact Manny or Kathy two days prior to the requested overnight to allow for processing.

No Host

If you plan to stay overnight when there is no host, call Manny Sanudo to preregister at 718-217-0045. Call Mon. – Fri. 12-5pm. Leave message on machine or email