Thendara Mountain Club has a private floating swim dock on Lake Tiorati.   Changing rooms and picnic areas are available near the swim dock .   

Life guards are NOT available and all members must abide by the State Health Dept waterfront rules.  Safety equipment is available for immediate use if necessary.

General Rules

No lifeguard on duty; swim at your own risk

 Swimming Hours Daily Dawn to Dusk

NO swimming in darkness

Minimum 2 adults, one on dock as safety monitor  

Swim only within the designated rope area.  No diving 

No alcoholic beverages * No Smoking * No Glass Containers 

Children less than 16 years of age must be accompanied by an adult responsible for their behavior while at the dock. 

Safety equipment must be on dock when a person is in water 

Bring Cell Phone to Dock – In an emergency contact 9-1-1