How often have you wanted to get out into the woods and just walk — enjoying nature and gaining health benefits?

The Thendara Mountain Club is a congenial group of adults who are interested in hiking and outdoor activities in and around our camp in Harriman State Park.

We sponsor year round hikes of varying lengths and difficulty throughout Harriman State Park,  the Palisades Interstate Park and the greater metropolitan area.

Our bulletin of activities is published four times a year. In addition, weekenders often form informal hiking groups for Sunday morning.

Hike Information

• On all day hikes, bring lunch, wear sturdy shoes and weather-suitable clothing.
• Hikes are not canceled due to inclement weather, unless indicated.
• The leader is in charge and is responsible for the group. Your presence on this trip indicates acceptance of this fact and that you will comply with instructions from the leader.
• Members are responsible for their children and guests on hikes and during other activities.
• If you use public transportation, always check schedules!
• We’re always looking for new hike leaders. Please contact any member of the board for further information.

Links to Hiking Information

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Hiking Tips and Safety

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