1984 Seven Lakes Drive, Southfields, NY 10975


GPS 41.257292, -74.095702  will get you close to the gate.

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  • Rt 287N to NY Thruway North
  • First exit for Sloatsburg (#15), turn left at light on to Rt 17 N
  • Go thru town of Sloatsburg
  • Make right at second light on to Seven Lakes Drive, heading north into Harriman State Park.
  • Staying on Seven Lakes Drive, you will go several miles thru two traffic circles. The first one is not a real circle but an intersection with a bigrock formation in the middle. The second one is a true circle, labelled “Kanawauke Circle”
  • Continue to stay on Seven Lakes Drive. Our gate is on the right about 1.8 miles past Kanawauke Circle. After the circle, you will pass two lakes, one on either side of the road. About 1/4 mile from the two lakes you will go up a little hill that has boulders placed along the right side of the road. At the top of the hill you make a right into our driveway. It is very hard to see even in the daytime and you will most likely miss it in the dark. There is a small sign on the gate that says Thendara and a large brown park sign that says Group Camp T20. There is a locked gate across the driveway. On hosted weekends, the gate will be closed, but not locked. If you miss it, there is nowhere to conveniently turn around so you might have to drive up a way. Close the gate behind you. The driveway is about 1/2 mile so just drive up till you see the house and park where you can (your car needs to be completely off the driveway)
  • The Thendara Camp number is 845-351-4798. If your cell phone doesn’t work in the park, continue north to Tiorati Circle which has a little ranger station in the middle. There is a pay phone there.