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  1. On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 8:11 AM, Cathy Veit wrote:
    I just wanted to express how wonderful the 100th anniversary celebration was, It was really just so spectacular.

    Thank you Mary for all your decorations ranging from the flowers to the jars to the paisley tables clothes and all the hanging decorations.

    Thank you Marek for providing a sound system that was an absolute treat to listen to. The music was clear and not distorted and not too loud and I loved your choice of music

    Thank you to whoever ordered the food. There was so much variety and the food was great.

    Thank you to whoever ordered the tents. They created such an elegant venue.

    Thank you Paul for cooking a great dinner Friday night and breakfast morning and offering to anyone who was there. Thank you for your generosity.

    Thank you George and Vivienne for hosting the weekend.

    Thank you Cindy and Kevin for leading the music circle after the party. You really got people singing who usually never sing while at Thendara. Turned out the Thendara chorus sounds pretty darn good.

    Thank you Glen for your smashing photography. Still have no idea how you get such good photos. The lighting and color was perfect.

    I’m sure I missed a few people. All in all you all used your creative talents to create an event of a lifetime.

  2. On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 11:10 AM, Cynthia Kopyar wrote:
    Wow, Cathy, well said! You really nailed all the individual details that absolutely did make it an event of a lifetime! Thank you, Cathy, for expressing it and getting us going with the gratitude! I”m proud of you all and so, so grateful for our Club. I believe we get to live in a little bit of heaven while we’re here on earth when we’re at Thendara.

    Looking forward to seeing you next weekend to take care of precious Club as we clean her up and get ready for the winter season.


  3. On Oct 1, 2016, at 7:25 PM, mary weisenbacher wrote:
    Hi Cathy and Cynthia, such lovely words! It feels good to know all of the effort people put into the event was appreciated!

    Here are some additional kudos:

    Peter Bobrow found and hired hired the food truck (with input from Marek). They made sure there was something for everyone- that is not easy with this group! Peter also procured the permits from the park so those trucks could drive up the road and deliver the goods.

    Peter and Kathy put together the nostalgic slide show which we all enjoyed playing inside the lodge.

    Kathy guided us toward a more environmentally responsible celebration (sorry I whined about the extra effort- it was not really a big deal after all and actually was worth it!) Plus availed us of her deep well of knowledge of all things TMC, PIPC, membership, procedures, requirements, etc., etc.!

    Vivienne found and hired the tent company where we also rented the tables and chairs and worked out the logistics with the owner. Who ever would have thought two giant tents could fit along the drive like that?

    Marek designed and wrote the enticing invitations which he also mailed to the older members.

    Paul got the house ready in many various ways (some obvious and some hidden from view). He also made up the booklets we found on the tables and made up the photo frame we presented to the member who’s parents met at Thendara. He also wrote a great press release to give us our 15 minutes of fame.

    Brian and Paul worked out the parking- wow- smooth sailing!.

    Marek hired the shuttle driver- he was a real hoot!

    Luise must have been going out of her mind with all of the checks, Paypal orders, transactions and the general angst of dealing with the under-appreciated-behind-the-scenes-financial end of things. BTW, she is the board member who actually encouraged us to utilize our resources to make the celebration as fabulous as it turned out to be: “We are only 100 once!”. We all really respected her financial guidance.

    I rounded up the volunteers (really, I didn’t have to ask- they all just responded to my e-mail request) whom we will be thanking appropriately a little later- perhaps at the annual meeting. Everything work out wonderfully thanks to them .There would have been much gnashing of teeth without them!

    Iren took charge of the 50/50. Who can resist her charms?

    Andy and Brian handled the gate. Thanks to them, there was law and order on the road.

    George pulled us all together, initiated meetings, planned the logistics, and had a hand in pretty much the entire project. We all needed and appreciated his leadership and, oh yes, his hidden talent as an MC! Who knew?

    Melissa Turk was instrumental in working out what decorations to put where. She also somehow got me to climb up to the peak to place the banner. How did you do that Melissa? Are you a Jedi?

    Marissa Chin was a huge help with the decorating- she couldn’t even stay for the party!

    Dr. Cynthia K was on call to tend to all the owies (mostly mine).

    Major Volunteers:
    Andy, Bryn, Gina, Mary R., Melissa, Marissa, Claudia, Iren, Allan, Laura, Cynthia, Tom M., Virginia, Bill….the entire clean-up crew…

    This is what I can think of off the top of my head but I know I’m neglecting to mention some people who gave much time and effort. We appreciate them all!

    Mary W.

  4. On Sat, Oct 1, 2016 at 8:02 PM, wrote:
    Great recap Mary of all those that pitched in to make our 100th anniversary special-both visible and behind the scenes. It was a true team effort and a testament to the camaraderie and fellowship we share at Thendara. A thank you should go out to all those that attended as well as it was amazing to see members from all different generations share memories and engage in conversation!

    Kudos to all!!

  5. Thanks to all of the above and others, including the perfect weather arranger, who made our TMC 100th such fun and a great success; from the cheery greetings and directions provided at the “gate”, to the flawless departure!
    Cynthia D.

  6. Looks like every body had a fantastic time. Sorry I missed it. If I am really lucky and my genes be with me, maybe I’ll make the 200 celebration.

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